Researching the Past, Present and Future of the Science of Epidemiology

The Epidemy Lab

In the 21st century epidemiology is a science of the future. The exploration of the spread of infections and diseases spawns new concepts of intervention and transform our understanding of ecological, social and cultural orders. Pandemic intelligence and outbreak science have advanced into innovative, data-driven fields. A new social physics is emerging as popular social network theories lend themselves to the epidemiological measurement of innovation, financial crises, and conspiracy theories. From a long history as secondary and neglected science, epidemiology now emerges as an expanding, innovative and growing field. 

Research at the Epidemy Lab maps the histories of epidemiological reasoning across disciplines, fields, geographical and political borders to develop a a new and robust account of epidemiology’s power in the present. Located at the intersection of the History of Science and Medicine, Science and Technology Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, and Public Health, our projects engage ideas, practices, networks and infrastructures that have shaped how epidemiologists think and how we think about epidemiology. The lab is based at Science, Technology and Innovation Studies  (STIS) and associated with the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society at the University of Edinburgh. More information on our research can be found following the links below. 

Research Projects