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#COVID19: The Spectacle of Real-Time Surveillance

 Lukas Engelmann. “#COVID19: The Spectacle of Real-Time Surveillance,” March 6, 2020. 

Epidemiological Publics?

Lukas Engelmann & Catherine Montgomery. “Epidemiological Publics? On the Domestication of Modelling in the Era of COVID-19,” April 10, 2020.

Plague Dot Text

Casey, Arlene, Mike Bennett, Richard Tobin, Claire Grover, Iona Walker, Lukas Engelmann, and Beatrice Alex. “Plague Dot Text: Text Mining and Annotation of Outbreak Reports of the Third Plague Pandemic (1894-1952).”  Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities, January 20, 2021, HistoInformatics

Into the Deep

Lukas, Engelmann. “Into the Deep – AI and Total Pathology.”(Review of Eric Topol, Deep Medicine)  Science as Culture (May 25, 2020): 1–5. 

Sulphuric Utopias

Engelmann, Lukas, and Christos Lynteris. Sulphuric Utopias: A History of Maritime Fumigation. MIT Press, 2020. Open Access

Forthcoming and Preprint

forest from above

An Epidemic for Sale

Engelmann, Lukas. An epidemic for sale. Observation, modification and commercial circulation of the Danysz Virus, 1890 – 1910, forthcoming in ISIS, Summer 2021

Outbreak Reports as Paper Technology

Lukas Engelmann, Making a Model Plague – Paper Technologies and Epidemiological Casuistry in the Early Twentieth Century, Forthcoming in: Christos Lynteris (ed.), Plague Image and Imagination, Palgrave 2021

Digital Phenotyping

Lukas Engelmann,  Deep Medicine and Total Pathology, forthcoming in Big Data and Society Special issue on Digital Phenotyping ( Fall 2021)